Spinach Smoothie

I've been doing this for almost half year now and I'm so happy to see this in one of Dr. Oz Defy your age lists, so I thought of posting this.

Spinach (and other dark, leafy greens) is an important ingredient in all of my green smoothie recipes. In fact, every recipe on my website calls for leafy greens including spinach. The fruit in smoothies masks the delicate flavor of spinach so it is a great way to boost your intake of healthy greens without tasting them.  I wanted to share with you the easy way to prepare this healthy drink for busy mom like me. 

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You can do this once a week, after chopping and measurement what I do is to put alltogether in ziploc and tossed it on freezer.  I forgot to take picture of my frozen yogurt but all you need is to put it on a regular size of cupcake baking tray and freeze it in an hour or two (see the picture down below in light pink block).  Spinach is not typically a flavor that is sought out for in green smoothies. Because of its delicate flavor, spinach is easily masked in a smoothie by including flavorful fruits such as pineapples, oranges and berries.  Choose spinach that is crisp and vibrantly green.

This is good for two serving.
2 Big handfull of spinach
1 Banana
1 Frozen block yogurt.  You can use any flavor you like.
1 Apple

Every night before going to bed I tossed on pack so it will be ready next day and it's not to hard to blend.  You can add soy milk or less fat fresh milk according to your taste.


DIY Pink Sugar Hearts

This is good to make on valentines day or tea parties.  Very easy to make all you need is sugar, food coloring, ice tray.  I got mine from Ikea and if I remember it right it only cost less than $3.  And additional information... I found my 5 year old son enjoying this heart sugar shape and he thought it is a candy treat :)

Here's how to:
Put sugar on the bowl and put a little water using spoon.  Don't flood it too much or the sugar will dissolve, water is used to keep the sugar together when you press it.  Add the water gradually until you have good consistency afterwhich you can add few drops of food coloring of your choice until you get the desired hue.  Then scoop it on the tray using spoon and press in on to make sure no space or bubbles beneath it.

I used a 2 cups of sugar just enough to fill in one tray.