My First Project With Yudu

I finally purchase this machine from craigslist.  I used to know a little about silkscreening back in college days so the process seems familiar to me.  So far, I'm happy with the the Yudu and the only that is not okay is the emulsion film.  It's hard to get it flat and bubble free. Yep, I wasted the 3 films knowing I follow religiously what's on the video instructions and lots of googling.  And speaking of the video... I think Provocraft have to design or create new one. It's very basic and it has a very limited informations.  The emulsion film will cost you like a $14-18 (2 pc in a pack).  Having said that it will cost me a fortune since I'm limited to one screen, meaning lots of reclaiming and emulsion will be use.  So I have to find other materials to use with my screen, so thought about the real emulsion liquid form, which are  commonly use on silkscreening.  I look around and found this video at youtube.com.   I bought my emulsion at the Midwest Sign here at the Bay Area and it cost me $30 for a pint.  Not bad for I can use it more than 50 applications.